Cafe Barbera

A Family Company Since 1870.

It all starts with coffee from Italy’s oldest coffee roasting company.
Southern Italy 1870. The bracing air of early morning is enriched with intense fragrance in via Garibaldi where the little shop of colonial products radiate light and aromas onto the street. The source of this aroma is the coffee shop of Domenico Barbera, “the magician”, as his affectionate customers nicknamed him. Every day Domenico roasts fresh coffee with passion and dedication on his new coal-fired roaster, “Tornado” that was pride and joy of the Barbera family.

Our Story

Coffee Culture

Since 1870 there has been more than an Espresso in each cup of Barbera’s Coffee.
It is not enough simply to create a winning and distinctive harmony of taste and aroma, Barbera’s secret is in over 150 years of experience and it is in a family which always believed in quality and tradition.

Our Culture

Franchise Opportunity

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Our Locations

Since 2004, Café Barbera has operated successful international franchised coffee houses under the Café Barbera brand in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Southeast Asia.
No matter the location, there is the feeling of a classic Italian coffee house in all of our retail environments. The colors, décor, and high-end environment of the store, as well as the training and passion of our carefully-chosen teams, all converge to deliver “the good life” experience in each and every Café Barbera store.

Our Locations

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