The Cafè Barbera Franchise Operations System

The Franchise Operations System (FOS) is the company-wide communication system provided by us to enable timely and efficient transfer of information, instruction, training, conferences and overall management and communication purposes with our franchisees. In our world of distributed teams and long range relationships, success often depends on bringing people separated by distance, together in purpose and action. That is exactly what the Cafè Barbera FOS System was designed to do. It is a highly configurable system to meet your business needs through communication, resource availability and business systems. Cafè Barbera FOS system features work together to build relationships:

  • Corporate Library to store company documents, training materials, audio / video, etc.

  • Complete task list specific to your company.

  • Journals to keep notes.

  • Meeting management – agendas, meeting notes, and time stamped records.

  • Message Center (an internal electronic mail system).

  • Issue System to flag urgent issues and make sure they are addressed.

  • Configurable contact list for company, center, and personal contacts.

  • Calendar for company, center, and personal events.

  • Training Calendar.

  • Training Records.

  • Executive Direct communication tool.

  • Purchase system.